Shaving Horse
“It would be lovely to see a learning center where affection and beauty were everywhere – in the objects within the space – in the space itself – in the people invited to take part – with the beauty of discovery pervading the whole. William Coperthwaite, in his book “A Handmade Life”
Hands carving sign
“I want to live in a society where people are intoxicated with the joy of making things.” from William Coperthwaite, in his book “A Handmade Life”
Saturday evening throughout the summer are fireside programs.  Some start in the afternoon with demonstrations, some are sing-a-longs with music.  But at dusk we start roasting our marshmallows – come and join us! For a list of demonstrations see our Program section.
“The mirror smooth reflection of Lake Luzerne is like the palette of our soul”
blacksmith –
“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.” Franklin D. Roosevelt
Basket weaver –
“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso

AFS 2015 Online Course Listings Are Live!

by Eve Wenger

Just click COURSES, your gateway to hundreds of amazing classes. Sign up for classes with our convenient online registration form, or call to register any time at 518-696-2400. Our new 2015 print catalog will be distributed throughout the Northeast later in January. Look for it at an outlet near you or contact AFS and we’ll be happy to send you a catalog in the mail.

January 2015

Purchase 3 AFS Gift Certificates, Get 1 of Equal Value FREE

by Eve Wenger

Giving AFS gift certificates to the people on your holiday shopping list really gives them the gift of discovering their inner artist as they create something powerful in a beautiful setting supported by new friends and first-rate instruction. Stop by the school or call AFS to order your gift certificates! This special THREE-PLUS-ONE-FREE offer is only available from Thursday, November 22nd until Saturday, December 5th.

November 2014

What “wood” you like to carve?

by Lauren Whitton

We have some really great woodcarving classes here at the Adirondack Folk School…

What kind of woodcarving classes would you like to see offered in 2013?


























September 2012

With 100lbs of clay…

by Lauren Whitton







There is nothing more important than giving back. Here at the Adirondack Folk School we have important goals, not only to inspire learning & to carry on the traditions of the Adirondacks, but also to be a good community member. One way we do this is through our Bountiful Bowl Benefit.

On Sunday, September 2nd from 1-5 PM, we will be holding our third annual Bountiful Bowl Benefit. To join us, come buy a hand-thrown bowl, which we will fill with soup, salad & dessert. There will be a display of student work to admire & great live music. Proceeds from the benefit will go to the school & the Maxfield Community Food Pantry.

Please join us for what is sure to be a great event!


August 2012

A little piece of history…

by Lauren Whitton

You’re in luck! Our class building the Sagamore chair has been rescheduled! This classic chair, as comfortable as it is attractive, will be great for lounging in the sun and reading a good book. Come build your own September 13-15th.

Over one hundred years ago, the famous Sagamore hotel was built as an exclusive resort on Lake George in the Adirondacks.  Its luxurious and spacious accommodations attracted the millionaires of the day and continues to bring clientele from around the world to this spectacular spot today.

In this class you will create a bit of history, as you build using patterns struck from one of the original Sagamore chairs. Instructors Larry & Dave have carefully taken the original chair apart and made all the forms and patterns necessary for you to learn how to steam bend local Adirondack Red Oak to create this one of a kind chair. Working with a variety of hand tools, you will bend and fasten the slats, laminate frame elements, join everything together, sand, finish and complete a beautiful chair ready for a prominent spot in your camp or home.  Some prior woodworking experience is helpful, but beginners are welcome too!

August 2012

The Timber Framed Play House…

by Lauren Whitton

This beautiful structure is your ticket to being the coolest parent, grandparent, aunt uncle or neighbor. Winning the admiration of adults and children alike, your new timber framing skills will make you the talk of the town. Your “little person” will love that you made them their very own playhouse in this three-day class held on September 7th-9th.

In addition to leaving with a gift sure to put a smile on everyone’s face, you will gain basic timber framing skills. In this class you will learn layout techniques, how to transfer the measurements from drawing to timbers, and how to cut your own mortise and tenon joints. Whether you’re seasoned at timber framing or just someone who loves their kids a lot, come give this class a try!

August 2012

Clue # 2

by Lauren Whitton

…Here is your second clue: It’s a class we’re holding this weekend.









Look through our course offerings to find the answer! Take a guess and check back later to see if you were right!

August 2012

We’ve been in the news!

by Lauren Whitton

AFS was at the Rural Heritage Festival on Saturday. We showcased items from many of the classes we offer and also had demonstrations going on nearby. Everyone stopped to see what AFS is all about!

Blacksmiths Al Cameron & Roy Balthazard spent time making a firepoker on the forge.

Scott Stewart, AFS volunteer and student, helped inform festival-goers about the school. He also got to sharpen his blacksmithing skills as Al & Roy instructed him in making a decorative hook.

If you’ve been inspired to try your hand at blacksmithing, join us for an upcoming class: Blacksmithing Hammers on August 25th & 26th and Hammer & Axe Handles on August 27th.

There was something for everyone at the AFS booth. If passersby were not completely consumed with the blacksmithing demo, they were sure to stop and see Jim Schreiner’s birch bark frames. Jim was there to talk about the construction of the frames & the different materials he uses. His birch bark frames class will be offered this weekend, August 18th & 19th.

The festival was great overall and we’re very appreciative to the Warren County Historical Society for inviting us! We gave away a lot of course catalogs and even got some ideas for new classes. We were also mentioned in a few different articles on the festival. Please check out the great articles & photos from the Examiner here and the Post-Star here.

Be sure to check out some of our other upcoming classes! We have:

  • Soap Making, August 19th
  • Capturing Nature with a Bic Pen, August 20 & 21st
  • Creative Clay Construction for Kids 8-80, August 21st
  • Doctorate of Dutch Ovens, August 23rd
  • Relief Carving, August 23rd
  • Repair Your Bamboo Fly Rod, August 24th
  • Native Kayak Paddle, August 25th
  • A Stick & a Hike, August 25th
  • Calligraphy, August 25th
  • Digital Photography Workshop with Carl Heilman II, August 25 & 26th


August 2012

Obedience Classes for Your Canoe

by Lauren Whitton

You train your dog…but did you know you could train your canoe?

Ok, maybe it’s not exactly the same, but in this two-day canoe obedience class you’ll learn all the tricks to freestyle canoeing, including quiet water & flatwater paddling. Once you’ve mastered learning to relax and why canoes move the way they do, you’ll be off paddling with a smile!

The first portion of this class is dedicated to canoe safety & basic skills.  Then comes the real fun when you take it to the water.

Freestyle paddling is the art of quiet water effortless paddling – you’ll be amazed at how efficient and easily you can make your canoe move in any direction – even spin it in place and you can do it too!

Instructor Marc Ornstein is an American Canoe Association level 3 certified instructor and men’s gold medal holder in Interpretive Freestyle Canoeing.  Marc’s workshop will provide a foundation upon which you can expand skills on your own or in more advanced workshops.  Mastery of these skills will allow you to glide along or across your favorite pond with the canoe responsive to your every whim.

Bring your canoe (preferably one that can be paddled from a kneeling position), single blade paddle, kneeling pad & properly fitted lift jacket on  August 18th & 19th for this opportunity to learn in & out of the classroom.

Once you learn how your canoe is supposed to be paddled you’ll enjoy it like never before.

August 2012

Adirondack Classics Great & Small

by Lauren Whitton

You may have noticed the giant Adirondack chair in front of our school…









But if that project seems a little intimidating, don’t worry! We offer classes making smaller versions of the classic chair as well. In fact, on August 15th we will be holding a class making a miniature Adirondack chair.









This will become a conversation piece on your mantel and you can take the pattern home to make a second for a set of bookends!

You’ll learn to use hand and portable power tools to construct this Adirondack classic, so no need to worry if you have little woodworking experience.

Come join us for this great one-day class and eventually you too can make a giant Adirondack chair!

August 2012