Looking for Potential Instructors

by Eve Wenger

We are very excited about the courses we already have planned for 2018, but we are always looking to offer more courses, and in a greater variety of categories/skills.

If you or someone you know has experience in any of the following areas and would be interested in teaching a course, contact us at 518-696-2400 or email [email protected] to let us know! We would be happy to send them a potential instructor packet, and get the ball rolling!

-Dollhouse Miniatures

-Snowshoes or Snowshoe Chairs

-Broom Making

-Lazy Susans

-Fine Furniture

-Cradle Making

-Children’s Sled Making

-Children’s Step Stools

-Rocking Horses

Thanks for your part in helping us to continue to offer new and exciting courses each year. We look forward to hearing your proposals!

November 2017
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