Nature Studies & Outdoor Skills

Seasonal Attunement - Walking the Wheel

Margo Mullein

Experience the seasons from mother nature's perspective, as we follow her journey through spring, summer, fall and winter. This course is a blend of observations, teachings and hands on experiences which can guide us to live sustainably while incorporating a practice of attuning to the season. We'll begin on our River Trail to collect natural material which will then be used to create a Medicine Wheel, based on Native principals. Walking the wheel we'll stop at each segment for an in-depth look at what it has to offer us, discussing the 4 seasons, their corresponding compass direction, animal totems, elements, body organ relationship and the life cycle / energy of plants. Working with plants at their peak, we'll harvest plants from the wild and return to the course room for the hands-on portion of our day, where each of us will make and take our own seasonally attuned herbal preparation: SPRING (4/28): Plant Infused Oils; SUMMER (7/21): Balms for Bites, Stings, Rashes; FALL: (10/27): Botanical Scrubs for Face and Body; WINTER (12/8): Breathe Deep Salve. A seasonally inspired lunch is included in each class!

  • Location: AFS, 51 Main Street, Lake Luzerne, NY
  • Tuition:
         Members: $85
         Non-members: $105
  • Materials: $45
  • Total course cost due at registration time: $130 (members)         $150 (nonmembers)
  • Course Length: 1 Day

The herbal preparation made during the first class (spring), will be the base ingredient throughout the other seasons. While each class stands on its own, the work is accumulative. A seasonally inspired lunch is included, so please let us know of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.


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