Introduction to Chip Carving

Introduction to Chip Carving

Dennis Wilson

This course will introduce students to the traditional craft of chip carving - a type of woodcarving in which a small knife is used to incise decorative floral and geometric designs into basswood or butternut. The design is created by the removal of small pieces (chips) of the wood. Chip carving is an ancient, traditional craft. Chip carved plates, jewelry and keepsake boxes, trays, breadboards, furniture and other items can make wonderful gifts and also decorate the home with traditional motifs. Some previous carving experience is helpful, but not necessary.

  • Location: AFS, 51 Main Street, Lake Luzerne, NY
  • Tuition:
         Members: $170
         Non-members: $210
  • Materials: $28
  • Total course cost due at registration time: $198 (members)         $238 (nonmembers)
  • Course Length: 2 Days

Students must bring pre-purchased chip carving knives and other materials to class. These are not supplied by the instructor. Students are strongly advised to pre-purchase needed materials from the following website: Any one of the following "kits" are acceptable: Platinum Edition Advanced or Professional kits or Gold Edition Deluxe or Primary Plus kits. Please avoid purchasing either the Primary or Essentials kits as they do not contain everything needed for the purpose of the class.


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