Forty-Sixer’s Circle

They make up the very crown of New York State- the famous High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. A donation of one dollar per foot of elevation allows you to “adopt” one of these beautiful peaks and is a special way to support the arts and crafts of the Adirondacks. You don’t need to climb a mountain to join this generous group of AFS 46er’s, but for every purchase we give recognition and a memorable gift to donors.

High Peaks that are still available for sponsorship, along with their elevations, are listed below. Choose the mountain that is calling to you!

Skylight 4,926‘   Seward 4,361’
Dix 4,857’   Marshall 4,360’
Gray 4,840’   Allen 4,340’
Basin 4,827’   Upper Wolf Jaw 4,185’
Gothics 4,736‘   Lower Wolf Jaw 4,175’
Colden 4,714‘   Street 4,166’
Giant 4,627‘   Phelps 4,161’
Nippletop 4,620’   Cascade 4,098’
Redfield 4,606‘   South Dix 4,060’
Wright Peak 4,580‘   Porter 4,059’
Saddleback 4,515’   Colvin 4,057’
Panther 4,442‘   Emmons 4,040’
Table Top 4,427‘   Dial 4,020’
Rocky Peak 4,420’   East Dix 4,012’
Macomb 4,405‘   Blake Peak 3,960’
Armstrong 4,400‘   Nye 3,895’
Hough 4,400’  

You may also support a favorite mountain that is not considered one of the High Peaks. AFS 46er’s have adopted Blue Mountain and Mt. Jo as well as the High Peaks Marcy (5,344’), Algonquin (5,114’), Haystack (4,960’), Whiteface (4,967’), Iroquois Peak (4,840’), Santanoni (4,607’), Big Slide (4,240’), Esther (4,240’), Seymour (4,120’), Sawteeth (4,100’),
Cliff (3,960’) and Couchsachraga (3,820’).