Adirondack Folk School – Volunteers Needed!

Volunteerism has always been a core component of the folk school tradition, and everyone at the AFS is grateful to the many who have contributed their dedication, skills and hard word toward advancing the cause.

Occasionally, the AFS needs volunteers for specific projects. At such times, we promote the volunteer opportunity on our website, in newsletters and catalogs, and through social media.

Here are some of the ways you can participate at the AFS:

  • Act as a “Good Will” ambassadors to talk to local civic organizations, town boards, radio stations, newspapers etc. and anyone else about the mission of the AFS and the unique experiences we provide.
  • Create displays, brochures, catalogs, and posters using photographs, graphics and other forms of artwork.
  • Join our various Committees such as Events, Communications, Finance or Program.
  • Serve as a Tour Guides at the school.
  • Distribute the AFS Catalogs throughout the Park and the greater Capital Region.
  • Help with investigating new alliances for AFS such as veterans organizations, colleges and universities, local schools, camps, senior citizens groups, and Adirondack resorts.
  • Assist with fundraising, raffles, online sales, etsy, eBay, and Craig’s List.
  • Act as a talent scout for new class ideas and instructors.
  • Assist in the office, gift shop, or volunteer weekends at the front desk.
  • Help ready our studios for classes: spring and fall facility set up and take down.
  • Engage in public relations and other forms of promotion and outreach such as working a booth at a trade/craft show, chamber of commerce meeting, or similar gathering.
  • Take photos of classes and create videos of classes, power point presentations, and informational video presentations.
  • Locate and train volunteers.
  • Work on metalworking or woodworking projects.
  • Beautify the school grounds through gardening and landscaping
  • Consider joining the Board, people with a passion for the AFS mission.

If you see a volunteer task that appeals to you, please give us a call at 518-696-2400 or email us at info@adirondackfolkschool.org. Or if you just want to let us know you’re available, contact us so that we can put you on the list for when the right job comes along. Thank you for your willingness to contribute and stay in touch!